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24/7 Water Emergency Contact:  417…342…6117 or 417…342…6554


Meter Deposits:
Property Owner ….75.00

New Installation:
Water Meter Set Installation and Tap…Varies by material cost. 2/26/16 Estimate $576.24
Additional Costs & Supplies Extra

Your account must be current to transfer service.

Termination of Service:
You are responsible for notifying us that you are moving, otherwise charges will continue to accumulate.

Any leak past the water meter is the property owners responsibility, the account holder is responsible for water usage incurred from a leak.

Water Rates:
0-2000 Gallons…..Inside City 20.00
0-2000 Gallons…..Outside City 25.00
2001-above………..Inside City 2.25 per 1k
2001-above………..Outside City 4.00 per 1k

Late Payment……25.00

Business Taxes:
Taxes are added to your water bill every month, these taxes are collected for the State of Missouri. Tax rates change every three months.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources Primacy Fee:

The Missouri Primacy Fee is a user fee paid by the customers of Missouri’s community public water supply systems and provides support for the department’s efforts to ensure Missourians are provided water that is safe to drink.  The annual fee is based on the size of the connection.

City of Seligman water customers will see a one time charge this year of $3.24 for 5/8” – 1” meters, and $7.44 for >1” – 2” meters.
For more information on the Missouri Primacy Fee, please visit the link below, or stop by City Hall:


Meters are read on the 15-20th each month.
Bills are mailed out the last week of the month.
Bills are Due on the 15th.
Penalty fee of $25.00 will be added on the 16th.
If the bill has not been paid by the last day of the month, service will be disconnected the next business day.
Once our worker is dispatched to disconnect service, a $25.00 fee is added to the account.
Service will remain off until the entire account balance is paid (past due and current).
A $25.00 reconnect fee will be added to the account when service is to be restored.
Notice: An additional deposit may be required if the account holder has a history of late payments or disconnects within the previous twelve months.


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