Police Officer – Part Time

The Patrolman will perform general police duties, processes and operations for the protection of life and property through the enforcement of federal and state laws as well as municipal ordinances. Works special police assignments as required.

Police Officer – Part Time

  • Responds to radio dispatched calls for service according to the Standard Operating Policies (SOP’s).
  • Observes, analyzes and evaluates situations to determine appropriate action according to the SOP’s
  • Monitors and directs traffic and crowd control activities and intervenes as necessary to preserve the peace.
  • Arrests, detains, and apprehends a variety of suspects by use of necessary physical means.
  • Conducts preliminary and follow up investigations of crimes and traffic incidents, interviews witnesses, collects and preserves evidence.
  • Performs prolonged walking or standing while patrolling on foot.
  • Pursues suspects on foot involving running, climbing, jumping and maneuvering under, over and around obstacles.
  • Cares for injured and administers basic emergency medical aid.
  • Reads, interprets and enforces federal and state laws as well as municipal ordinances.
  • Operates police department vehicles and equipment including automobiles, vans, and trucks as well as other specialized equipment such as mobile computer terminals.
  • Prepares and presents clear and accurate written and oral reports either handwritten or computer generated.
  • Participates in in-service training.
  • Testifies in court when required.
  • Administers breathalyzer test on suspected intoxicated persons in compliance with statutes and ordinances.
  • Observes, retains, and recalls people, places and situations in detail.
  • Applies community-oriented police techniques regarding dispute meditation, conflict resolution, and analysis of neighborhood problems, behavior management, and crime prevention.
  • Performs self-initiated activities such as traffic stops and citizen contacts in accordance with department goals.
  • Identifies and reports maintenance needs of assigned equipment.
  • Conducts police, safety and drug education programs requiring personal presentations to various groups, radio, and television audiences.
  • Provides training to other law enforcement officers.
  • Performs duties requiring covert activities.
  • Operates police vehicles and equipment such as radar, video equipment, copiers, camera, etc.
  • Demonstrates creativity regarding police related problems.
  • Initiates citizen contact using community-oriented philosophy.
  • Performs related work as required
  • Above Average accessibility of all work sites required for the position.
  • Extreme exposure to weather and temperature extremes.
  • Average exposure to chemicals and fumes.
  • Average exposure to heights.
  • Above Average exposure to work safety hazards.
  • Average amount of overtime/extended work hours required.
  • Above Average exposure to dust.
  • Above Average exposure to loud noises.
  • Above Average exposure to darkness.
  • Above Average exposure to cramped spaces.
  • Normal physical mobility: movement from place to place on the job, considering distance and speed.
  • Normal physical agility: ability to maneuver body while in place.
  • Normal physical strength to handle routine office materials and tools.
  • Above Normal physical strength to handle 50 lb. objects, considering frequency.
  • Normal dexterity of hands and fingers.
  • Normal physical balance: ability to maintain balance and physical control.
  • Normal coordination, including eye/hand, hand/foot, etc.
  • Above Normal endurance.
  • Valid Missouri Driver’s License.
  • State of Missouri POST Certification.
  • Must be 21 years of age, U.S. citizen.
  • Non-convicted felon.
  • Must pass a pre-employment substance abuse test and will be subject to random substance abuse testing.
  • Normal concentration/intensity: prolonged mental effort with limited opportunity for breaks.
  • Above Average memory, considering the amount and type of information.
  • Above-Normal complexity of decision making.
  • Above-Normal time pressure of decision making.
  • Normal analytical thinking.
  • Normal conceptual thinking.
  • Normal ability to see.
  • Normal ability to distinguish colors.
  • Normal ability to hear.
  • Normal ability to smell.
  • Normal sense of touch
Position is subject to working a variety of shifts including weekends and holidays and subject to emergency call-in.   Reserve Patrolman is required to work 8 hours a month to keep commission with the department.

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