August 8, 2019 Public Hearing

AGENDA Roll call Medical Marijuana Bill 400.030 Section Change Bill – Members 405.440 Section Change Bill – Signs MEDICAL MARIJUANA State Law governing Medical Marijuana Changes to City Code: SECTION 1. Chapter IV, Article I, is hereby amended by adding the following changes to Section 405.120: DEFINITIONS AND RULES OF INTERPRETATION B – Definitions. “Church’… Read More »

July 15, 2019

AGENDA 1. Roll call of approved members 2. Elect a chairman, one year term 3. Elect a secretary, on year term 4. Select four of the eight approved members for a two year term 5. Medical Marijuana bill 6. 400.030 Section changes bill 7. Second St. changes Blockade Village changes MEMBERS Russell Moreton – Brenda… Read More »